6 Day Wild beast Migration Safari

Weekly departures

Safari Overview


Follow the great migration at the famous Masai Mara national reserve strictly from mid July to October, this is the only time you see the special of Masai Mara national reserve. The great migration begin as early as June but its best from mid July. You will be accompanied by a safari driver guide from Tazama Africa holidays upon your arrival and throughout out your at Masai Mara national reserve.


$ 1674

Masai Mara Experience

The Masai Mara is one of Africa’s most famous parks. The wildlife viewing is superb throughout the year. The grassy plains and regular rainfall supports a huge population of herbivores, in turn attracting many predators. All three big cats are relatively easy to see. The yearly wildebeest migration coming through the park is one of the world’s most amazing wildlife spectacles.

  • Shared tour: On this shared tour, you will join a group of other travelers. Max 7 people per vehicle.
  • Can start any day: If availability permits, this tour can start on any day.
  • Can be customized: The accommodations and destinations of this tour can be changed.

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